I don’t have a terminal. Can I still accept the Edenred card?

Absolutely! Many methods are available to you for accepting the Edenred card. Choose the ones which suit your activity best!

Online retail

If you are an online retailer, you probably have a virtual terminal. 

You can accept the Edenred card through your own e-commerce site or a platform such as Uber Eats, boucheriesenligne.be or bakeronline.be and attract all of these users to your e-shop!
Contact our sales team for an offer specially tailored to your needs: affiliatenetwork-be@edenred.com.
Physical retail outlets

If you do not have a payment terminal in-store, or if your terminal is not compatible with the Edenred card, other solutions are available:

  1. Mobile payment with Joyn

    Give your customers the option to pay using their Edenred card directly on their smartphone. 

    Find out everything you need to know about the partnership between Edenred & Joyn.

  2. Our paper voucher solutions

  • Consumption Voucher Edenred:

Get access to employee support for the recovery with vouchers valid up to 31/12/2022. Conditions apply. All the details are available here.

  • Ticket EcoCheque:

Help support the environmentally responsible approach adopted by users of these vouchers, available in paper form until the start of 2023. Find out everything you need to know here.

  • Ticket Compliments:

Attract new customers with these gift vouchersFind out more.

  • Ticket Sport & Culture:

Increase your turnover with these vouchers for leisure activities. Join the network.

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