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The Payconiq mobile payment solution incorporates meal vouchers. Your customers can now use Ticket Restaurant to pay for their food purchases directly on their smartphones from their Payconiq by Bancontact app! They will therefore have a digital version of their Edenred card that’s always within reach!

For the merchant
SPEED: the merchant doesn’t need to worry about a thing (well, almost nothing)! The customer enters the transaction amount in their Payconiq by Bancontact app; while they’re doing this, the retailer can do something else and simply save time!

REIMBURSEMENT: all the transactions recorded with Ticket Restaurant on the Payconiq by Bancontact app are automatically reimbursed by Edenred, with the transaction costs agreed in the contract being deducted.

CONDITIONS: the pricing and contractual conditions for membership in the Ticket Restaurant network are applicable as usual. There’s no additional cost.

FOLLOW-UP: the Ticket Restaurant reimbursement statement indicates which part concerns the transactions recorded on the Payconiq by Bancontact app and those made on the terminal itself. They are all detailed in the same way in your MyEdenred merchant space.
For your information, you can also track them in the ‘Transactions’ section of your Payconiq merchant portal.

CONVENIENCE: if you accept Payconiq with a QR code on a sticker and you have a Ticket Restaurant Edenred membership contract, meal vouchers will have automatically been enabled in your Payconiq account. If this hasn’t been done, please contact

Today, this solution is available via the Payconiq QR code on a sticker. You can’t yet accept meal voucher payments with Payconiq via your payment terminal or cash register system.

If you don’t yet offer your customers the option of paying with Payconiq, or you have a dynamic Payconiq QR code on a screen or terminal, you must first visit to be able to take advantage of the collaboration between the two brands.
For the customer
After adding their Edenred card in their payment methods in the Payconiq by Bancontact app, the customer may pay for their order in full using Ticket Restaurant, or only part of it if their balance is too low.

  1. Your customer scans the Payconiq QR code on your sticker with their Payconiq by Bancontact app.
  2. If they have linked their MyEdenred account to their Payconiq by Bancontact app and they still have meal vouchers available, Ticket Restaurant will automatically appear as the first payment option.
  3. You indicate to your customer the amount due to be entered in the app before confirming the payment.
  4. And that’s it! You’ll instantly receive payment confirmation in your Payconiq merchant portal.
To accept Ticket Restaurant via Payconiq, you must be a partner of both brands and have a Payconiq QR code on a sticker.

First, join the Edenred card acceptance network by filling in your contract to activate your payment terminal.  

Sign up to offer your customers the option of paying by mobile with Payconiq and Ticket Restaurant by visiting

If you are already a Ticket Restaurant network and Payconiq partner, you can automatically accept payments using Edenred meal vouchers. No action is required from you.
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