What can I accept Edenred products for?

  1. Ticket Restaurant

    You can use the electronic as well as the paper vouchers. These electronic vouchers can only be spent in the nutrition department. 

  2. Ticket EcoCheque

    You can accept these checks in both electronic and paper version. They are intended for the purchase of ecological products and services, for promoting sustainable mobility and for supporting recycling and waste prevention. This ranges from devices with an ecolabel, environmentally friendly products and ecotourism to the repair costs of clothing and appliances.

    The National Labor Council publishes a revised list on a regular basis that lists which products and services may be purchased with the Ticket EcoCheque. The latest version can be found on www.myecocheques.be.

  3. Ticket Compliments

    You can use these vouchers in their electronic as well as in their paper version. They can be used to buy clothing, fashion accessories, toys, hi-fi, travelling, books, decorations, event tickets, ...

  4. Ticket Sport & Culture

    These electronic or paper checks are exchangeable for sports subscriptions, cover the rental of sports fields and can be used to purchase tickets for cultural events such as exhibitions, theater performances and festivals.

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