Ticket EcoCheque : detailed list of eligible products and services

Ticket EcoCheque aims to promote sustainable purchases and/or services with environmental objectives as specified in the Royal Decree of 20/05/2009. The National Labour Council regularly reviews the official list of products and services that may be purchased with Ticket EcoCheque. See the complete list here 

Products with one of the following labels 


For example: paper products, clothing, lubricants, tourist accommodation, Bio vegetables and fruit, hygiene products, natural rubber products

Low-consumption electrical appliances 

• Class A, B, C or D household refrigeration appliances
• Class A, B or C household dishwashers
• Class A household washing machines and household washer-dryers
• Electronic displays, including televisions and screens, of classes A, B, C, D or E
• Class A, B, C or D light sources
• All other electrical appliances that have the European energy label of classes A+, A++ or A+++

More information on the equivalences of the new European energy scale.

Short circuit
  • Agricultural and horticultural products, sold in a short circuit by holders of the Recht van bij de boer license or Direct from the farm , the holders of these licences can be recognised by the following logos, approved by VLAM and APAQ-W
  • Subscription to a collective allotment
Sustainable gardening
  • Trees and plants 
  • All products intended specifically for garden maintenance (excluding peat and phytopharmaceutical products not meeting the applicable European Regulations) 
  • All non-motorised or electric gardening tools (including their battery(ies)) 
 Sustainable use of water and energy 
  • All products and services focused specifically on saving water and energy 
  • All products and services for home insulation (thermal and acoustic)  
  • All products operating exclusively on renewable energy or allowing the generation of renewable energy 
Mobility that is sustainable and respects the environment
  • All bikes, speed-pedelecs, autopeds, scooters, monocycles, hoverboards, with or without an electric motor and all electric mopeds & accessories. Parking (subscriptions) specifically intended for bicycles
  • Public transport (except for commuter subscriptions), coach, as well as shared transport without a driver 
  • Eco-driving lessons 
  • All accessories and subscriptions for charging stations for electrical vehicles 

All tourist infrastructures located in Belgium with the Green Key label. 

Purchase and rental of second-hand products
  • All products except appliances driven by non-electric motors 
  • All electrical devices except hybrid devices (devices that can run on both electricity and fossil fuels)
  • End-of-series and exhibition models cannot be purchased with eco-cheques
Purchase of products destined for reuse or composting
For example: rechargeable batteries, storage boxes and lunchboxes, drinking bottles, travel cups and thermoses, soda machines, carafes and filtering taps, washable nappies, compost bins, etc. 
Purchase of products that are recycled or composed of recycled or recovered, compostable or biodegradable materials 
For example: 100% recycled paper, furniture made of 100% recycled wood fibre (MDF), 100% recycled textile and polyester, wood pellets, loam, compost, topsoil, etc. 

All product repairs except for appliances fitted with a non-electric motor. 

For more information

To find out more about Ticket EcoCheque and in which cases they apply to your activity, you can download and print our Ticket EcoCheque communication and training materials. It will all be clear in an instant! 

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