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Phenix is the anti-waste leader, an app that gives a responsible and charitable second life to your unsold produce. By accepting Edenred Meal on the Phenix app, you can make the most of meal vouchers’ potential in your fight against food waste.

    • VISIBILITÉ : les commerçants qui acceptent Edenred Meal sur l’app Phenix sont mis en avant à l’aide d’un filtre de recherche.
    • VISIBILITY: retailers that accept Edenred Meal on the Phenix app are highlighted with a search filter.
    • REIMBURSEMENT: all the transactions recorded with Edenred Meal on the Phenix app are automatically reimbursed by Edenred within 2 working days with the contribution percentage agreed in the contract deducted. Phenix will invoice its commission on the total order amount according to the usual contractual terms and conditions and reimburse the amount of the additional payment on the 3rd of each month. 
    • FOLLOW-UP: Edenred Meal reimbursement report indicates which part concerns the transactions recorded on the Phenix app, and those made in the establishment itself. They are all detailed in the same way in the retailer space. For information, on the Phenix app, go to the ‘Invoicing’ section.
    • CONDITIONS: the pricing and contractual conditions for membership in Edenred Meal network are applicable as usual.
  • After adding their Edenred card to their payment methods on the Phenix app, the customer can pay for their order with Edenred Meal.

    To accept Edenred Meal on Phenix, you must be a partner of both brands.

    First join the Edenred card acceptance network:

Register on the anti-waste app as well by filling in the Phenix application form. If you are already  Edenred Meal network and Phenix partner, we will automatically activate payments with the Edenred card on the app. If you don't want to accept the Edenred card on the Phenix app, you can inform us here.

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