How do I prepare to accept the electronic Consumption Vouchers?

Edenred has put everything in place to make life easier for retailers partner of the network and facilitate use for electronic Consumption Voucher beneficiaries. 

There are several scenarios:

If you don’t yet accept the Edenred card

On your payment terminal

Simply join the Consumption Voucher Edenred acceptance network. Complete your contract (available online) and return it to us. Your terminal will then be activated automatically and remotely, free of charge!

Without a payment terminal

If you don’t have a payment terminal, you can accept paper vouchers and return them to us to receive reimbursement. For your convenience, you don’t need to join the network before accepting cheques from your customers! Your contract will be drawn up automatically upon the first claim.

If you already accept the Edenred card

With a terminal connected to the cash register

If you already accept the Edenred card and your terminal is connected to the cash register, please contact your cash register supplier to check that the Consumption Voucher product code has been added to your cash register system (200007#). If necessary, send this technical document to them - details on page 5.

To satisfy your customers better and maximise your Consumption Voucher turnover, Edenred strongly recommends that you set up a selection button for this new option on your cash register.

With an Atos Worldline stand-alone terminal

If you already accept the Edenred card and your terminal is an Atos Worldline model, please add the Consumption Voucher product code to the payment options offered by your terminal. To do this, read the Atos Worldline configuration procedures - in the ‘Activating an Edenred card solution’ section. If necessary, contact them with your unique point of sale identifier (UID).

With a stand-alone terminal from another supplier

Irrespective of your payment terminal brand, if it has already been activated for the Edenred card, from mid-September you will be able to accept the electronic Consumption Voucher with the solution developed by Edenred.

As your terminal cannot send the Consumption Voucher product code, Edenred has introduced an automatic selection rule to enable users of these vouchers to use them if they are the first to expire.  Find out all the details.

N.B. Sending the Consumption Voucher product code is valid for Atos Worldline and VivaWallet terminals only to date.

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