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Edenred's mission is to connect merchants with clients who have a budget for certain types of purchases, offered to them by their employer as a benefit.

Our objective: is to promote your business to the 1.8 million Edenred card users.

By joining the Edenred acceptance network, you automatically become visible to our thousands of users, for free:

  • Through our search engine
  • In store, it's over to you!
      • Display the stickers in your shop window and at the till;
        Need a new welcome pack? Order it here 

How to make the most of it?

  1. Use the welcome pack by displaying the stickers you have received through the post in a visible spot. Need a new pack? Order it here. 
  2. Download additional promotional material for for effective, easy-to-use communications tools;
  3. Add the logo for the types of vouchers you accept: Edenred Meal, Edenred Eco, Edenred Gift, Edenred Sport & Culture and/or Edenred Consumption on your website - download the logos pack (online format);
  4. Check out our blog to find lots of useful tips;
  5. Share the information on your social media accounts for an easy way of attracting new clients;
  6. Follow us and tag us on Facebook, TwitterInstagram and LinkedIn. We will introduce you to our users!

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