How to increase my visibility with Edenred and Joyn?

Once you have linked your Edenred and Joyn accounts, take advantage of our promotional kit for your communications to attract even more customers and encourage them to pay with their Edenred card on their smartphone!

Paying in Joyn
  1. Click the QR code in the Joyn app.
  2. Enter the amount and confirm with the ‘Pay and save’ button.
  3. The customer scans the QR code on your tablet with their smartphone’s Joyn app.
  4. The various payment options available at your shop are displayed on the tablet (Ticket Restaurant, Ticket EcoCheque, Ticket Compliments, and Ticket Sport & Culture).
  5. Select the preferred payment method from the options available.

You can suggest your customer completes the amount with another payment method if necessary (other Edenred option, Payconiq, cash, etc.).

Before being able to pay with Edenred via the Joyn app, you and your customers must first link the two accounts. To find out how to link your Edenred and Joyn accounts, click here.

What must I do to accept the Edenred card on Joyn?

To accept the Edenred card as a merchant on Joyn, you must:

  1. Be a member of the Edenred card acceptance network
  2. Give your consent for payment with Edenred directly in your Joyn account settings by selecting ‘Edenred’ in the ‘Integrations’ section.

If you are not yet a member of the Edenred card acceptance network, please contact our sales team.

How do I monitor my transactions?
  • In your MyEdenred merchant area, you will find all the transactions you have performed via the Joyn app, just like the other types of Edenred transactions.
  • On the Joyn merchants' portal, go to 'Transactions' then 'Payments'.
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