What is the reimbursement term for Consumption Voucher Edenred?

Transactions made with the Edenred card are reimbursed automatically within 2 working days by bank transfer.

Paper consumption voucher transactions are also reimbursed by bank transfer within 5 working days after reception of the vouchers.

To do so, simply return your Consumption Voucher with the duly completed Consumption Voucher online submission form or the classic PDF voucher submission form. Don’t hesitate to use our secure collecting service to ensure the correct transfer. More info.

N.B.: Consumption Voucher Edenred are all valid until Mars 31, 2023. You therefore have until June 30, 2023 to return them to us. After this period, the vouchers are no longer reimbursed. However, the less you delay the return, the sooner you will be reimbursed!

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