How to get reimbursed?

If you have received paper consumption vouchers, simply return the vouchers with the completed submission form. In a few minutes, you detail the quantities and values of your submission and your affiliation contract to the Consumption Voucher network will be automatically registered.

You will receive by e-mail the document to print and attach to the vouchers while returning. Don’t hesitate to use our secure collecting service to ensure the correct transfer. More info.

If you are used to returning paper vouchers with the classic PDF voucher submission form, you can also use it to return your Consumption Voucher Edenred.

If you have accepted electronic transactions, no further action is needed on your part. You will be reimbursed automatically in 2 working days and can track all transactions and reimbursements on

* You might pay additional charges in case of non compliance of the refund process.
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