How does the reimbursement of paper vouchers work?

The reimbursement of paper happen by bank transfer on the 15th or 30th of the month, depending on the date of vouchers receipt. * To do so, simply return your paper tickets with the duly completed voucher submission form. You will receive a detailed statement by e-mail for each refund.

* Tickets received in the first fortnight of the month are reimbursed on the 30th; those received in the second fortnight are reimbursed on the 15th of the next month.

How do you submit your vouchers?

  1. Sort all vouchers in the same direction, without folding or stapling them.
  2. Make sure you don't write anything on the encrypted area at the bottom of the ticket in order to ensure a correct machine reading.
  3. Attach the stamp of your business, as a proof that the tickets belong to you.
  4. Fill in the voucher submission form available on our website and on your Merchant Space. Keep a copy as a proof.
  5. Send it by registered letter to Edenred,  Triumph Building II, Avenue A. Fraiteur, 15/23, 1050 Bruxelles. Or use our secure collecting service to ensure the correct transfer ** and the reimbursement within the 8 business days (15€ per collection).  Contact to activate this service.


** Edenred is not responsible for any theft or loss when returning tickets in any manner other than by the secure collecting service.

Paper vouchers are reimbursed up to three months after their expiry date. After this period, vouchers are no longer refunded. So make sure you send them back to us regularly!

Consider accepting electronic vouchers!

No more validity date to check, no more tickets to send us back! With the Edenred card, only the tickets that are still valid are available. Transactions recorded with the Edenred card are refunded automatically within two business days by bank transfer. Join the electronic network quickly too!

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