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These vouchers dedicated to leisure can be used for sports subscriptions, the reservation of sports training courses or sports pitches, and the purchase of tickets for cultural events such as exhibitions, musical or theatre performances, festivals or leisure parks. If you have a bookshop, or you are a recognised cultural operator or a sports association, Edenred Sport & Culture is just what you need! What's more, with Edenred, there are no fixed costs: no transaction, no cost!

There are several methods of acceptance available to you:

  • With an in-store payment terminal

    Complete your contract available online and send it back to us; your terminal will be automatically activated remotely, free of charge!

  • With an online payment terminal

    Fill in the online form to be contacted by our sales team and become an online Edenred partner.

  • With mobile payments

    Edenred is partnering up with the Joyn app to bring you mobile payments. Find out more here.

  • Without payment terminal

    If you do not have a payment terminal, contact our sales team at affiliatenetwork-be@edenred.com. We will find a solution for your business.

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