Connect a Payment Terminal

You have joined the Edenred acceptance network and your terminal has been automatically activated.

At the same time, here is the procedure you have to follow to be able to accept payment with the Edenred card. Different scenarios are possible.

Is your terminal connected to the cash register?

When your terminal is connected to the cash register, the amount to be debited is automatically displayed on the terminal, you do not have to enter it manually.

If this is the case, please contact your cash register supplier to check that the payment method involving the Edenred card has been added to your cash register system.

Product codes to be added:

  • Ticket Restaurant: 200001#
  • Ticket EcoCheque: 200002#
  • Ticket Compliments: 200003#
  • Ticket Sport & Culture: 200004#

If necessary, send him or her this technical document, details on page 5.

Do you accept several Edenred card solutions?

For example, do you accept meal vouchers and EcoCheque vouchers?
Or the Ticket Sport & Culture and Ticket Compliments?

If you accept more than one Edenred card solution, please contact your terminal provider to verify that the multi-product function has been enabled.

N.B.: this function is valid for Atos, Loyaltek or Keyware terminals.
If your terminal does not have this function, and your supplier cannot offer you a multi-product compatible one, please inform us by sending a request in the "My Terminal" section.

Is Keyware your terminal provider?

If your device is provided by Keyware, please contact them directly with your unique Point of Sale number (UID).

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