I want to accept Ticket Restaurant meal vouchers

Meal vouchers - fully digitised on the Edenred card since 2015 - are intended exclusively for the food sector, for the sale of meals or ready-to-eat food. Are you a restaurant owner, butcher or baker, or food vendor? Then Ticket Restaurant is just what you need to boost your turnover! What's more, with Edenred, there are no fixed costs: no transaction, no cost!

There are several methods of acceptance available to you:

    • With an in-store payment terminal

Complete your online contract with just a few easy clicks and your terminal will be automatically activated remotely, free of charge!

    • With an online payment terminal
Fill in the online form to be contacted by our sales team and become an online Edenred partner.
    • With mobile payments

Edenred is partnering up with the Joyn app to bring you mobile payments. Find out more here.

    • Without payment terminal

If you do not have a payment terminal, contact our sales team at affiliatenetwork-be@edenred.com. We will find a solution for your business.

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