Who can accept the purchasing power premium?

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As specified in the Royal Decree, all (e-)shops eligible for the meal voucher and/or eco-vouchers network can accept the purchasing power premium as Edenred Consumption.

In order to benefit from this, you have to therefore belong to at least one of the two eligible physical and/or online sectors:

  • Food: You are a restaurant owner, a butcher or baker, or a seller of food products.
  • Shops for sustainable and/or ecological products or services: you are active in eco-tourism, repair, sale of organic or labelled products, second-hand goods, waste prevention or...

Find here the detailed list of products and services eligible for CNT eco-vouchers.

If you manage an business in one of these sectors and would like to boost you turnover, the purchasing power premium as Consumption Voucher is made for you! Join the network in just a few easy clicks.

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