How does payment with the purchasing power premium work?

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Edenred has developed a solution that enables partner retailers eligible for Edenred Meal and/or Edenred Eco network, to accept the purchasing power premium as Edenred Consumption at their point of sale and/or online, in accordance with the legislation.

  • At the checkout, simply select the product code that is linked to meal vouchers or eco vouchers.
  • The automatic selection procedure then respects the rule of using the solution that expires first.

In case you have implemented the product code «Edenred Consumption», you can select this product code.

Discover below our explanatory guides.

If your terminal and/or cash register does not enable you to specify Edenred Consumption code
Download our explanatory guide for the checkout without the product code. On one double-sided page, your cashier staff will have all the information at hand.

If your system cannot send Edenred Consumption product code, the automatic selection procedure will follow the rule of use for the solution that expire first. 

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